A Zit That Doesn’t Go Could Be A Cyst

Most of us suffer from spots at some point in our lives, but usually they go away again. 

Yet sometimes, a zit-like bump does not go away at all and before you know where you are, you’ve had it for a number of years.  Chances are it’s not a spot at all but a cyst.

Sebaceous Cysts

Sebaceous cysts, also known as ‘epidermoid cysts’ are usually benign, which means they are non cancerous.  They are characterised by a swelling in the skin. Sometimes a cyst can be movable in a kind of ‘pocket’ beneath the skin, but it can also become quite hard, painful and unsightly.

While they may be considered harmless in medical terms, they can be an aesthetic problem, causing embarrassment when they’re seen, especially on the head or neck. They can grow to a couple of inches or even more. They can also cause discomfort, especially if they catch or rub on clothing or skin to skin friction.

Sebaceous cysts can also sometimes look similar to basal cells (skin cancers), so therefore it is very important to see a dermatologist about any suspicious spot or lump that doesn’t go away, to ensure that it is correctly diagnosed and treated.

Cyst Removal

Treatment of cysts is a minor surgery procedure which is commonly carried out at Cosmedics’ Skin Surgery Laser Clinics in London and Bristol.

The procedure is undertaken in clinic and done same day (often during the same appointment as the consultation if both patient and doctor are happy to proceed). It can be carried out using local anaesthetic and Cosmedics’ doctors and surgeons use minimal-scarring techniques.

Cyst Removal Results

These before and after photos show the results of surgery by Dr Ross Perry.

cyst removal

Cyst Removal

Cyst Removal

Sebaceous cysts are not often approved for removal on the NHS, as they are classed as a cosmetic issue.

Private cyst removal is available with organisations such as Skin Surgery Laser Clinic who have a selection of clinics based in London and Bristol. Skin lesions are removed using the latest surgical techniques for minimal scarring; with trained doctors and surgeons. The lack of waiting lists is a real advantage and if the doctor and patient agree, many cysts can be removed in the consultation without need for booking a separate appointment for treatment.

For more information or to book a consultation, please complete the form on this web page or call 020 7386 0464.

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