Anti-Perspirant and Underarm Cysts

Cysts on the skin are usually caused when the pores become blocked. 

Antiperspirant products containing aluminium compounds are designed to inhibit sweating but they can also on occasion block the sweat glands. This can lead to a growth in the underarm area with a raised and uncomfortable bump which often looks and feels like a cyst.

However, this sort of blocked sweat gland in the armpits is not quite the same as a sebaceous cyst.

Sebaceous cysts are filled with a viscous whitish fluid and are most commonly caused by ingrowing hairs. They can appear anywhere on the body and are quite common on the face and scalp. Sebaceous cysts are semi-solid cavities with a wall formed within the skin and they can become inflamed or irritated.

Cysts in the Underarm Area

For occasional cysts in the underarm area, the first line of treatment is to refrain from using anti-perspirant for a few days. Wear light clothing and bathe regularly to keep the area clean. The cyst may subside on its own.

However, if this does not show any progress or there is significant concern or discomfort, then patients should see a doctor for advice. Also see a doctor if this is a recurring problem. For example, the condition hidradenitis suppurativa which leads to abscesses, boils or lumps on the skin is a lifelong condition requiring constant management. Treatments such as antibiotics, cryotherapy or even surgery may be recommended.

Sebaceous Cysts

Sebaceous cysts tend to appear more as a one-off but they can be stubborn and may last for years or even forever if not treated.

Cyst Removal Treatment

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