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‘Backie’ Photo Campaign Promotes Skin Cancer Checks

A new campaign has launched in Scotland, encouraging people to share a ‘backie’ – a photo of their back – in order to promote awareness the importance of skin cancer issues.

The idea of sharing ‘backies’ is designed to tap into the popular selfie concept and reach a mass market, as it’s conservatively estimated that over a million selfies are now taken every single day. Google has revealed that 24 billion selfies were uploaded to Google servers last year via its Google Photos app and that is the tip of the iceberg, as it doesn’t include uploads to facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat or selfies kept on icloud.

The ‘backies’ campaign aims to raise awareness of the need to check every area of the body for worrying signs and symptoms. It also reminds people to take care in exposing their skin to the sun.

Dr Girish Gupta, consultant dermatologist, explained the issues:

“Melanoma rates are increasing but if detected early there is less chance of melanoma spreading.

“Everyone should be aware of their moles and should examine their skin on a regular basis looking for the signs of melanoma, a new mole that has developed or an existing mole which changes by becoming irregular in shape, colour and size.

“We hope by encouraging Scots to share their backie it will help to spread the message about checking those hard to reach areas, and ultimately help to save lives.”

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