before and after cyst removal

Cyst Removal Photos

Many people suffer with cysts or sebaceous cysts and would like to have them removed.

They are generally quite harmless from a medical perspective. That means that they might not be approved for removal on the NHS, as they could be classed as a ‘cosmetic issue’.

Having a prominent sebaceous cyst can cause cosmetic concerns, especially if it is large or in a conspicuous place such as on the face, cheek or forehead.

Private cyst removal can be arranged with companies such as Cosmedics Skin Clinics, who offer the procedure in Bristol and London skin treatment centres.

Cyst Removal Photos

Before and After

The photo shows the results that can be achieved. Four weeks after the procedure, the scar is noticeably fading and the general appearance of the forehead is much better after removal of the cyst.

Cyst removal is carried out by Cosmedics Skin Clinics’ doctors using a local anaesthetic and surgical techniques. The company has a large and expanding team of doctors, so waiting lists is not a problem. Unless the cyst is large or complex, it can even be removed at the initial consultation appointment if both the patient and doctor/surgeon agree – saving the need for waiting at all.

Cyst Removal Treatment

More information on cyst removal procedures is available on this website. We also offer a free assessment by email service

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