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Dermatologist Warning on Skin Tag Treatments

Dermatologists have warned about the dangers of using over-the-counter treatments for skin tags.

Dermatologist Lauren Ploch M.D., a member of the American Academy of Dermatology told Yahoo that home treatment products with claims that they will dissolve skin tags should be avoided. These products are designed to destroy skin cells, but as Lauren explained:

“you could harm the area around the tag, which could lead to increased scarring”

What are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are small stalks of skin which project and stick out. They tend to be caused by friction, where skin rubs on skin or else on clothing. That’s why common areas for skin tags include the underarm and the neck area.

Skin tags are quite common among adults and are generally harmless apart from the inconvenience of catching/snagging and the unwelcome aesthetic appearance.

However, safe removal by a trained medical professional is always recommended to ensure that they have been properly diagnosed.

Treatment for skin tags is quick and straightforward. Only a local anaesthetic is required and the skin tag can then be treated using cryotherapy, lasered off or snipped off or removed with a scalpel.

Who Can Remove a Skin Tag

The American Academy of Dermatology warns people about non-dermatologists such as aestheticians or beauticians removing growths.

The main reason is to ensure that skin tags are properly diagnosed and not mistaken for moles. Cancerous growths can sometimes resemble benign ones and research has found that people who aren’t dermatologists often miss them.

Lauren Ploch continues:

“These practitioners aren’t trained in dermatology.”

“In some cases, they may have only taken a weekend course. I worry that they’ll miss something or treat it inappropriately.”

Skin Tag Treatments

While it is tempting to seek DIY cures there are professional treatments which are faster, cleaner and offer much higher rates of success.

Skin Tag Clinics

Trained doctors and surgeons offer a choice of skin tag treatments:

  • Cryotherapy (freezing)
  • Laser treatment
  • Surgery (using a local anaesthetic)

The most appropriate skin tag removal treatment is determined after examination of the skin tag. Cryotherapy is the fastest solution – surgery is only for the most severe and is a very quick procedure.

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