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Dr Ross Perry on Consulting Room

Cosmedics Skin Clinics’ Medical Director, Dr Ross Perry, has issued his latest blog on the Consulting Room website. 

Beware Discount Mole Removal Deals

His article explains that while it is tempting to save money, mole removal treatments are not something to be shopped about for. There are 3 specific areas for concern.

  1. The procedure – inappropriate, ineffective or dangerous procedures might be offered
  2. The practitioner – no minimum qualification requirements for practitioners, so don’t assume a medical background
  3. Mole testing – this is not always carried out, especially where beauty treatments and non-medical staff are involved, but mole testing is essential to screen for any sign of cancerous cells

Dr Perry explained to Consulting Room:

“The risks of having a ‘suspicious’ mole are now well understood. Melanoma is a potentially deadly form of skin cancer and if diagnosed, should be treated promptly and thoroughly to ensure the best chances of success. In my NHS career, I have carried out skin reconstruction on over a thousand patients over the years as part of their treatment for skin cancer.

“If there are any concerns about a mole, then the most appropriate action is to see your GP as soon as possible for diagnosis.

“If any patient has a mole which they’d like removing for cosmetic reasons, this is unlikely to be offered by the NHS, but should still be carried out to very high standards.”

3 Questions to Ask

  1. What procedure is being used? Is it surgical or laser? or something more beauty based like electrolysis, IPL or cryotherapy? These might not be as effective and could also cause burns or leave scarring in the wrong hands.
  2. Who is carrying out the treatment? Be aware that there are no minimum qualifications required. In some salons, skin treatments are carried out by beauticians. They are not medically trained and therefore cannot give any clinical diagnosis for moles.
  3. Is the mole sent away for testing? It should be, but some establishments do not offer histology. Where a mole has been burned off, there may not even be a sample available. Check exactly what you are getting.

Read the article in full here:

Mole Removal London & Bristol

Mole removal is offered by Cosmedics Skin Clinics’ doctors and surgeons using a local anaesthetic. Smaller moles tend to be removed using laser to leave minimum scarring while surgical removal is available for larger moles and cysts on a day-case basis.

All moles are sent away for testing as a precaution.

More information about moles is available on this website.

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