Future Hope for Melanoma Treatment

moles on the bodyScientists have identified the trigger which turns melanoma cells into deadly and invasive killers which get into the bloodstream or lymphatic system. 

This discovery could pave the way for finding a future treatment for the potentially deadly disease, preventing its spread through the body by stopping it at that point where it becomes lethal.

In its aggressive form, melanoma will invade the dermis, a lower layer of skin, from which it can invade the bloodstream or lymph vessels, causing it to spread to other bodily organs.

Dr Carmit Levy of Tel Aviv University explained the consequences of this research:

“Now that we know the triggers of melanoma transformation and the kind of signalling that leads to that transformation, we know what to block.”

“The trick was to solve the mystery and we did. There are many drugs in existence that can block the Notch signalling responsible for that transformation. Maybe in the future, people will be able to rub some substance on their skin as a prevention measure.”

The research will continue with the hope of finding another tool to analyse different stages of melanoma, as early intervention gives the best outcomes.

If melanoma is caught early, it can be removed very simply and the patient’s life saved. Once melanoma has invaded the bloodstream, it can spread to other parts of the body and involves aggressive treatment with lower rates of success.

Mole removal

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