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Is SPF in Makeup Enough Protection?

Many cosmetics nowadays contain SPF – but is it enough to protect the skin from the sun’s most harmful rays?

Experts say that customers need to stay cautious and careful about sun protection. The amount of sun protection that can be provided by an application of foundation and/or face powder is very small compared to an actual sunscreen.

In fact, research has shown that you would need to apply 7 times the amount of normal foundation and 14 times the normal amount of powder in order to benefit from the full SPF indicated on the products. Most people tend to use relatively thin and light coverage in order to avoid having thick or heavy makeup. This means that there is relatively little SPF benefit left.

The recommendation is therefore to use a proper sunscreen prior to applying cosmetics.

It’s important not to be complacent about sun protection and sun exposure. Even in the autumn and winter, the sun’s rays can penetrate cloud and cause skin damage.

In fact at this time of year, when patients are less sun-aware, it is more important than ever to remember the sunscreen if you are outdoors.

Sun Protection

As is so often the case, prevention is better than cure. Experts recommend:

  • Broad spectrum sunscreen minimum SPF30
  • Wear sunscreen EVERY DAY of the year as UVA rays can penetrate cloud and cause ageing and skin damage
  • Limit sun exposure especially between the peak hours of 11-3pm
  • Apply sunscreen liberally and reapply regularly if out in the sun
  • Don’t forget clothing, sunglasses and hats can also be used to cover up
  • Seek the shade where possible, but you will still need sunscreen as the sun’s rays can reflect

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