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Jeremy Kyle Shocks Viewers with Severe Warts

Jeremy Kyle Emergency Room shocked viewers today by exposing a case of warts so bad that the patient could no longer work and had even considered amputating his own fingers. 

Professional chef Aiden had a wart on his little finger which he’d been suffering with Human Papillomavirus (warts) for 19 years. The bulbous wart has become so large and painful that the nails are peeling off and he has been forced to quit his profession.

He had became so distressed about his fingers that he actually tried to cut them off.

“I got myself a drink, I put a Stanley knife blade on the table and got a hammer and put it on the table.

“I balanced it between Blu Tack and my finger on the joint and I was going to hit it with the hammer on the Stanley knife. But I never had the guts to do it.”

Dr Anand, the medical professional on the show said:

“I have never seen a case as bad as this before.”

The doctor explained that the wart might actually be cancerous and require surgery – potentially amputation.

“Unfortunately it has become a form of localised skin cancer, that worries me”.

Jeremy Kyle reassured Aiden that they would find a solution and help him with his horrifying condition.

Viewer Reactions

Viewers were horrified by the case with reactions including:

“This Jeremy Kyle medical thing is the worst thing I’ve ever seen.”


Warts on the skin are caused by human papilloma wart virus (HPV virus). Some will disappear on their own after some time, while others will require treatment to clear them up and prevent them from becoming bigger and causing other issues.

Professional Wart Removal

For stubborn warts, professional wart removal treatment is recommended, as more aggressive methods can be used than DIY/at home treatments.

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