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Khloé Kardashian Mole Removal

After Skin Cancer Scare

Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ Khloé Kardashian has opened up about a skin cancer scare in a bid to warn fans to be more vigilant about worrying moles and skin lesions.

She opens her blog saying:

“I’m writing this post with the hope that my story can get some of you in to see your doctor if you notice something wrong with your skin.”

The Kardashian sister revealed that she’s had a number of moles removed and tested over the years. Most were harmless, but one on her back turned out to be cancerous:

“I had 8 inches of skin removed. It was definitely painful because it was a lot of skin, but most of the time, the removals haven’t been that bad.”

“Now that I’ve gone through this a couple of times, I am extra aware of my skin, body, and moles.”

Khloé is 32 and her experience shows that it’s important to be vigilant for signs of skin cancer at any age. She shared the ABCDE guidelines for identifying suspicious moles:

  • Asymmetry: unequal shape
  • Border: irregular, scalloped, or poorly defined
  • Color: unusual colour or variations in hue
  • Diameter: bigger than the size of a pencil eraser
  • Evolving: uncharacteristic changes in size, shape, or colour

Mole Removals

Since her warning, Khloé has announced that she intends to get rid of all her moles and freckles.

Kardashian recently tweeted that she has an excessive number of moles and blemishes:

“literally a few hundred”

She was keen to get rid of a majority of them due to insecurity about how they look as well as her previous cancer scare.

“I promise I’ll still have some, but my back made me so insecure. I look like a Dalmatian lol just toning it down.”

She has already filmed a dermatology session on Snapchat to publicise the experience.

“Nurse Jamie is burning off my moles, one by one, so one day, I’m gonna be freckle- and mole-free.”

Mole Removal Surgery

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Private Mole Removal

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