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Life-Saving Hairdresser Spots Melanoma

Advice from an observant hairdresser turned out to be life-saving for 41 year old Carl Evans, whose haircut included advice to get a mole in his neck checked out.

The 41-year old saw a doctor and was subsequently diagnosed with melanoma. He said:

“It all started last summer, when I’d come home from a few months in Ireland to visit family – and I went for a haircut in Porth.

“The hairdresser said it’s best I go to see a doctor because the mole didn’t look very good, then the doctor said I needed to go to dermatology.

“I had an operation straight away, and after three weeks the results came back and it was malignant – the most aggressive type of cancer.

“When I first saw the doctor we joked that I owed the hairdresser a pint for pointing it out, but now we realise I probably owe my life to him.

“There is a good success rate in treating the cancer, but it has to be caught early.”

Carl was struck by the lack of funding around skin cancer in his area of Wales and is determined to make more people aware of the problem. He’s even created a website called Skin Cancer Awareness Network Wales – – which launched on World Cancer Day, 4th February.

He explained:

“There is a lack of funding for skin cancer in general, and very little awareness locally.

“The new website is where people can look online and check their moles and skin etc. It’s not just a few facts thrown together – it’s been in the making since August last year.

“All of the information has been approved and vetted by the NHS dermatology team, a specialised skin cancer nurse and the chairman of the all-Wales advisory group for skin cancer.

Early Diagnosis, Early Treatment

Early diagnosis of suspicious moles is vitally important and it is worth taking any suggestion about worrying moles seriously, whether that is from a hairdresser, friend, colleague or family member. Earlier treatment gives the best outcomes, as there is potential for the surgeon to remove all trace before it can spread.

Anybody concerned about a mole or blemish is advised to see a GP as soon as possible and where there are concerns, an urgent referral should be made.

Private Skin Checks

Patients can also seek private mole checks. Cosmedics Skin Clinics’ doctors offer consultations without waiting lists at their London and Bristol clinics.

Private Mole Removal

Cosmedics’ Skin Surgery Laser Clinics offer mole consultations with private mole removal at a selection of clinics based in London and Bristol. Moles are removed using the latest surgical techniques including laser mole removal; with trained doctors and surgeons.

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