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MailPlus: TikTok Mole Scraping Warning

Medics have highlighted concerns about the potentially misleading and dangerous advice about DIY mole removal going ‘viral’ on TikTok.

MailPlus asked mole removal expert Dr Ross Perry for his advice and opinion in their recent feature:

“Doctor blasts TikTok ‘mole scraping’ trend as ludicrous and life-threatening”

The Mail+ article says:

“For all the useful beauty and health tricks on the social media site TikTok, there’s an increasing number of DIY trends that not only don’t work – but are bordering on the downright dangerous.”

The mole removal trend has seen videos of people using chemicals, razors, knives to ‘scrape off’ skin lesions such as skin tags and moles. Some users have even tried burning their own skin while there are a host of creams and solutions available for sale on the internet that can be dangerous to apply to the skin.

Such videos have generated millions of TikTok views and the #moleremoval hashtag has over 12 million views.

Mail+ sought expert medical advice from mole removal expert Dr Ross Perry, who was quick to the point, saying:

“It’s just plain stupid, irresponsible and dangerous”

“TikTok stars and influencers as a whole have a responsibility to set a good example.

“Advising their followers on any medical “at-home” methods, particularly mole removal, is just ludicrous and can lead to all kinds of short and long-term health problems.”

Risks of DIY Mole Removal

Ross explained the risks of trying to self-treat for moles and skin tags:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Missed diagnosis of cancerous lesions, potentially delaying life-saving treatment

Dr Perry continued:

“Some moles may look harmless but they could easily be something more sinister and by trying a DIY removal, not only could you make it more problematic but it could also mean that should it need proper treatment, the home methods have disguised what it was.

“This makes onward treatment much more complicated.”

Skin Cancer

While not all moles are skin cancer, there is a known link and it is very important to diagnose any skin lesions properly to ensure rapid diagnosis and treatment:

Not to mention, if a skin lesion is cancerous, removing the mole but not identifying and removing the cancerous cells

“You could therefore be overlooking what could be a potential melanoma, which, left untreated, can be life threatening.”

Dr Ross Perry said he’d treated patients who had tried various self-help methods

“It’s scary that people even try this at home.

“We see so many patients with scars, pigmentation problems and missed diagnoses of skin conditions.”

TikTok told Mail+ that safety was a top priority on TikTok and that it would ‘remove content promoting dangerous behaviour or activities that might lead to serious injury or physical harm.’ 

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