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Melanoma on ITV’s Good Morning Britain

With the release of new statistics showing a rise in melanoma in the UK with over 10,000 over 55’s a year being diagnosed with the skin disease, Good Morning Britain featured the dangers of sun exposure. 

GMB presenter Ben Shephard said:

“Skin cancer – the rates in the UK are soaring according to a new report and it’s been blamed on the ‘sun, sea and sangria’ generation.”

Kate Garraway continued:

“For the first time, more than 10,000 people over the age of 55 are being diagnosed with malignant melanoma each year.”

Skin Cancer Expert

Skin Surgery Laser Clinic’ Dr Ross Perry was invited to give his expert opinion on the upswing in UK skin cancer rates. He explained that the older generation were particularly affected due to historical ignorance of the dangers of sun exposure and the growth of foreign tourism decades ago:

“I think they were in an era where they didn’t know the risks…”

“They came into a new era of travel where they were able to go cheaply to foreign places, get some exposure where they really never had that before; and they just weren’t aware of the risks.”

Awareness of the dangers of sun exposure have undoubtedly improved, but Perry explained that the statistics now are a result of damage years ago:

“The rates unfortunately will continue to rise. We’re not seeing it tailing off… we are on an exponential curve at the moment.”

With school holidays on the horizon, Dr Perry gave some advice for those heading off into the sun:

“I think you just have to be realistic with the amount of exposure…

“Given your skin types, given what you’re actually wanting to do, you really do need to just be sensible.

“The safe way is not to get burnt; and the safe way to not get burnt is to apply sunblock before you go out into the sun, particularly if you’re going to hot climates that you’re not used to. Wearing hats, wearing rash vests… for adults and children, so you’re not getting exposed to those UV rays.”

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