Milia – White Spots – How to Treat Them

Milia is the medical term for white spots which can appear on the skin. 

They are also commonly known as ‘milk spots’ as they’re commonly seen in babies. However, they’re not related to consumption of milk and can also affect adults.  In adult patients, milia can be a consequence of skin damage resulting from burns, blistering, sun damage or other trauma.

Milia (singular milium) are a type of small skin cyst which appear as raised bump on the skin. They can feel quite hard and are filled with a protein called keratin and dead skin cells. They are not pus-filled, which is why they feel resistant to pressure.

Milia are very common around the eyes, nose and mouth.

The internet suggests many suggested home treatments for milia, but they can be quite difficult to get rid of in adults and topical products are often not effective.

Advice for Milia

  1. Do not attempt to remove milia at home by scratching, squeezing or other such methods. It may leave a scar
  2. In order to avoid milia, always remove makeup before bed, to leave skin clean and free from chemicals
  3. Avoid sun exposure – the sun is one of the possible causes of milia

Treatment for Milia

Professional treatment for milia is recommended as a safe and effective option.

Doctors at Skin Surgery Laser Clinic use a variety of techniques to tackle milia:

  • Cryotherapy (freezing)
  • Laser (with the latest technology)

Their doctors treat a variety of common skin conditions, including:

Milia Removal Treatment

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