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Mole Removal Video from Vlogger Tracy Kiss

with Dr Ross Perry

Tracy Kiss visited Cosmedics’ Skin Surgery & Laser Clinic to have a large and hairy mole removed from her arm – and ended up having a raised mole taken off the back of her neck too. 

She attended a consultation with Dr Ross Perry at the Harley Street clinic and went ahead with treatment for not one but two troublesome moles.

As a regular blogger/vlogger, she recorded and shared her experience on her own website and youtube channel. Read Tracy’s full blog together with before and after photos during the healing at:

Dr Ross Perry administered local anaesthetic injection, which ensured that both procedures were completely painless. The procedure itself was very quick and efficient. Dr Perry used a special blade for clean removal of moles at the skin’s surface and then cauterized the wounds to stop bleeding. There was no need for stitches, just a plaster to be worn for a few 7-10 days to keep the wound clean and dry.

The procedures were very quick as Tracy says:

“The process itself took around half an hour for the consultation and removal of both of my moles.”

2 weeks after the procedure, she said:

“I’m over the moon with how quick, easy and convenient this procedure has been so far – fingers crossed for the final few days!”

Mole Testing

After removal, both moles were sent to an independent, specialist testing lab, just to check for any cancerous cells. While Tracy’s moles were removed for cosmetic and convenience reasons (there were no concerns about skin cancer in this case), she explains that it is important to be vigilant for any suspicious signs:

“Moles have no use or function and are typically harmless, but if they change colour or continue to grow it can be a warning sign for skin cancer and should always be checked out by a doctor.”

More Information

For more information about shave excision and other mole removal techniques, see:

Professional Mole Check

For ultimate peace of mind, Cosmedics Skin Surgery Laser Clinic offers a thorough top to toe mole check carried out by their trained and experienced doctors.

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