Sepp Blatter’s Mole Removal Plaster

Sepp Blatter hit the headlines again this week after appearing in public with a large plaster on his face from a mole removal.

He was attending an hourlong news conference in Zurich to denounce the findings of a FIFA committee who found him guilty of ethics violations and barred from any connection to the sport for eight years. He called himself a “punching ball” and promised “I’ll be back.”

The plaster on his face was certainly not inconspicuous. The Daily Mail said:

‘Blatter looked disheveled as he got out of his chauffeur-driven car on Monday morning, accompanied by his daughter, Corinne, and media spokesman Thomas Renggli.’

‘He was wearing a plaster beneath his right eye, thought to be because of the removal of a mole.’

There has been no public statement on Sepp Blatter’s mole removal and we don’t know whether it was carried out due to any concerns, or simply as a cosmetic procedure which is very common.

Facial Mole Removal

Having a mole removed is a relatively simple procedure and even for facial moles, the dressing isn’t always so obtrusive as that seen in pictures of Sepp Blatter. Plasters can be quite small and flesh coloured and often needn’t be worn for long if they are required. If a mole is being removed for cosmetic reasons, the procedure can be timed for convenience (i.e not before a big public occasion). See our previous article Plan Mole Removal Over Christmas.

If any mole is deemed suspicious, then removal as soon as possible is always the best advice to minimise any risk of melanoma spreading.

Mole Removal Treatment

More information about moles is available on this website. Mole removal is offered by Cosmedics Skin Clinics’ doctors using a local anaesthetic and the latest surgical or laser techniques for minimal scarring. All moles are sent away for testing as a precaution.

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