Skin Changes – Acral Melanoma

As seen in Chic Magazine and MSN

Chic Magazine’s recent wellbeing article on acral melanoma and the worrying skin changes to look out for included expert advice from Dr Ross Perry of the Skin Surgery & Laser Clinic.

The article coincided with skin cancer awareness month, an event designed to raise awareness of the issues and what to look for; and highlighted a specific form of cancer which is less well known.

Dr Ross Perry’s comments have also appeared on MSN

Acral Melanoma

The feature explored acral melanoma, which is found on the soles of the feet, palms of the hands or under the nails. It is actually the most common form of skin cancer in black and brown skin (i.e. Asian/Black/Hispanic) and becomes more common with age; yet it can affect any skin types at any point.

Dr Ross Perry to explained more:

“It is a relatively rare type of melanoma that can affect anyone, but is more common in people with darker skin and of Asian descent. As with most types of skin cancer caused by UV sun exposure, acral melanoma is not related to sun exposure but often down to genetics.

“Unfortunately, acral melanoma, due to where it occurs, is harder to be noticed – unlike a changing mole on the body – and therefore it can spread far quicker and is seen as one of the more dangerous types of skin cancer, with death rates higher than any other forms of melanoma.”

Signs and symptoms of acral melanoma

Dr Perry explained the common signs to look for:

“A streak on the nail which worsens and has damaged the fingernail, an irregular changing growth on the hand or the foot which looks unusual in colour, texture and growth, a thickened unusual patch which is growing on the sold of the feet or the palm of the hand.”

“Quite often people think they may just have a bruise, a simple wart or blood blister and just aren’t aware it could be acral melanoma – so always get it checked by your GP.”

Diagnosing acral melanoma

As always, early diagnosis incredibly beneficial. Dr Perry concludes:

“As with any type of skin cancer or melanoma, an early diagnosis is the best scenario, so it’s important to check the soles of the feet and palms of the hands for any changes. If in doubt, check it out with your GP or dermatologist.”

Acral melanoma treatment

Once diagnosed, acral melanoma would be referred to NHS dermatologist or skin cancer team. Surgery is generally the first line of treatment, but options will vary depending on each specific case. Dr Perry continues:

“If caught in the early stages, it can often be removed surgically. In more advanced cases, patients may need a lymph node biopsy and based on the results of this a treatment plan can be drawn up depending on whether the cancer has spread.”

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