Skin Tag Removal After Pregnancy

pregnancy skin tags

Parenting Blog ‘Not So Smug Now’


Skin tags are one of the less well-known side-effects of pregnancy, but they affect a great many people. 

Parenting blog ‘Not So Smug Now’ featured skin tag removal at Cosmedics Skin Clinics.

The writer explains her experience:

“…moles and skin tags – I looked like a human dot to dot puzzle intersected with stretch marks and the odd rogue hair. Created by the same hormone responsible for the pregnancy mask – melanin – some women notice an increase in moles and skin tags especially across their abdomens and in the groin area.

“For me, it was pretty much everywhere on the upper half of my body. My abdomen became covered in moles and skin tags emerged from my jawline right down my body to my groin.

“Generally, skin tags are harmless but all new moles and skin growths should be looked at carefully so, knowing that my procreating days were behind me I decided that I wanted to get them checked out and do something about them.

“They’re unsightly. That’s vain, I know but I hated the way they looked. I also hated the way my necklaces, bra straps and knicker line caught on them making me wince. My almost two-year-old was fascinated by them and thought that fiddling with them using her teeny-tiny baby nails was just about the coolest thing she could do. It wasn’t. They were irritating on a daily basis and so I went to my GP.”

Unfortunately skin tag removal is considered a cosmetic procedure, so the patient was unable to find treatment on the NHS.

Skin tag removal is available in private clinics like Cosmedics Skin Clinics.

Dr Ross Perry removed a number of skin tags, focusing on those that were more visible or bothersome (getting caught on jewellery or clothing).

Skin Tag Treatment

Skin tags can be removed very quickly and simply using freezing (liquid nitrogen). This must be done by a doctor, dermatologist or surgeon in a suitable clinic or hospital environment.

More stubborn skin tags can be treated using laser or minor surgery.

Skin tag removal shouldn’t be done while pregnant, but can be completed after childbirth

Professional skin tag removal via freezing, laser or surgical techniques is available at Skin Surgery Laser Clinic who have a selection of locations conveniently based in London and Bristol. All procedures are carried out by highly trained and experienced doctors and surgeons.

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