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The Sun: Does Fake Tan Protect the Skin?

As Featured in The Sun

with Expert Advice from Dr Ross Perry

The Sun’s recent feature “GET THAT GLOW These are five things a dermatologist wants you to know about fake tan” examined the health issues surrounding fake tanning.

Ross Perry was invited to give his expert advice. One of the issues raised was the question of whether fake tan gives any protection against sunburn and skin damage.

The Sun feature explains:

“It’s not replacement for SPF

“According to Dr. Ross, sunburn

“is a much greater danger than the fumes or chemicals involved in fake tan”

“While cosmetic products may give the skin a sun-kissed glow, they don’t provide protection from the harmful rays which cause sunburn and increasing the risk of skin cancer.

“So don’t let your bronzed tan fool you – it is vital to keep topped up with a good sunscreen whether you have fake tanned or not.

“The most important thing is to carry on and protect the skin from the sun’s rays with a good sunscreen”

“he said.”

Read the article in full:

How Fake Tan Could Protect Against Sunburn

Actually having fake tan could be helpful – it very much depends on how it’s viewed.

  • WRONG – ‘I don’t need sun protection as I’m already tanned’. Although you may have a colour, your skin can still be burned by the sun’s powerful UVA/UVB rays, exposing it to a range of health risks from premature ageing to cancer. Use the sunscreen just as diligently even if you’re already brown, don’t expect the tan to act as a natural sunscreen
  • RIGHT – ‘I’m brown already, so I can use high protection sunscreen and still have my tan’.  This is the right approach – a fake tan could be seen to provide a level of ‘protection’ in that having a tanned colour means that people don’t need to be so desperate in having a tan. Therefore the mentality behind having a fake tan should not be less sun protection, but actually more. The tan is already there, so the most important thing is to carry on and protect the skin from the sun’s rays with good sunscreen, without having to worry about looking pale.

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