Removal of common and irritating skin lesions

Read below about some of the most popular skin treatments at Skin Surgery Laser Clinic – simply click on the image to read more.

If you’re not sure whether your problem is offered, please do call us. Our team of doctors and surgeons are extremely skilled and their experience is unusually broad, including NHS as well as private work.

We can try to advise over the phone or even take a look at any photograph you might want to email to us to give you an idea of what’s involved.

Mole removal

Say goodbye to troublesome moles or beauty spots. Even large, raised or hairy moles can be removed, normally on the same day, by our expert doctors.

Cyst removal

Sebaceous or other skin cysts can be removed by our expert skin surgeons, using techniques designed to minimise scarring for a result you’ll be delighted with

Wart removal

Whether they’re on the fingers, face or any other part of the body; warts can be one of the more irritating skin conditions and can last for  years if untreated. Freezing can be effective, while surgery is the ultimate option for the most stubborn lesions, meaning that they’re gone for good.

Skin Tag removal

Skin tags might be harmless, but they are far from being attractive. The appearance of hanging growths of skin can be quite unpleasant and cause real embarrassment. Our doctors are familiar with all kinds of skin tags and offer a range of fast, effective treatments.

Lipoma removal

Lipomas are soft, movable lumps beneath the skin. They are medically harmless, but considered unsightly. Our doctors offer surgical removal of fatty lipomas which can often be completed on the same day as the consultation for ultimate convenience.


It was just so quick and easy, I really should have had it done years ago and don’t know why I didn’t get around to it.

I went to have a consultation and was really pleased that the doctor removed my warts at the same time. Really quick and efficient, saving me having to come back.

With a Harley Street clinic I had expected the cost to be over £1,000, but my mole removal was only £450 plus another £80 to have it tested, which was well worthwhile.

Very happy to endorse the team at Cosmedics, from the person who picks up the phone to the doctor you meet on the day. So professional throughout, really make you feel confident in their skills.