Warning About ‘Beauty Spot Removal’

Experts are warning patients about the risks of having non-medical treatment for beauty spots and skin blemishes.

Cosmedics Skin Clinics is approached regularly by patients who have had treatments which they regret. One patient wrote:

“I have recently gone to remove a beauty spot and a very small mole within a beauty clinic, I was so distraught and really upset at seeing the end result and now I am petrified that something terrible is going to happen as a consequence.

“You may perhaps be asking why I even went to a beauty clinic but I have a few moles but lots of small beauty spots dotted all over my face, these cause more distress than the moles to be honest. So I decided to go there because they claim they can remove beauty spots.

“The procedure was done by scraping out the beauty spot using a sharp needle and then sanding it out with some machine, all of which was incredibly painful. My first choice would have been your clinics. I now regret not having a consultation with you.

“I was so upset at seeing the end result and I don’t even know if that’s even the right way to go about the procedure? The person who did the procedure claims that it will heal and look as though nothing was there, but when looking at the end result I felt so distress and upset…”

This patient is not alone. We hear time and again about people whose skin has been damaged by inappropriate treatments including chemical peels, IPL, laser and other technologies.

Medical mole removal

Cosmedics Skin Clinics offer mole removal as a medical procedure and believe that any mole should only be removed by appropriately trained doctors or surgeons. There are too many cases of ‘beauty skin experts’ who do not remove the mole in a correct fashion.

Mole diagnosis

What’s more, before any mole removal, it is important to properly assess and diagnose the issue. At Cosmedics Skin Clinics, all consultations and assessments are with doctors and surgeons who are experienced in assessing skin lesions.

Mole testing

In the above case, no tests were carried out to see whether the mole was abnormal; and unfortunately this is typical of many non-medical mole or beauty spot treatments.

Dr Ross Perry explains:

“ALL moles (which is what beauty spots are) should have histological testing once removed to ensure there are no abnormal cells. The best option is to get reviewed by a skin doctor asap to help assess what can be done.”

At Cosmedics Skin Clinics, all moles are sent for independent analysis as an essential check for any signs of irregularity.

Private Mole Removal

Cosmedics’ Skin Surgery Laser Clinics offer private mole removal at a selection of clinics based in London and Bristol. Moles are removed using the latest surgical techniques including laser mole removal; with trained doctors and surgeons.

For more information about moles, see:

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