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What is Melanin?

Melanin is the pigment that gives human skin, hair, and eyes their color. It is produced by cells called melanocytes when the skin is exposed to the sun.

Melanin provides some protection against skin damage from the sun. When the skin is exposed to the sun (UV rays) melanocytes increase their production of melanin as a natural defence mechanism, because exposure to UV rays is damaging to the skin.

A tan or sunburn is a side effect of sun exposure due to the skin’s response mechanism – that’s why there is no such thing as a healthy tan.

Some facts about melanin:

  • Dark-skinned people have more melanin in their skin than light-skinned people
  • Freckles are small, concentrated areas of increased melanin production. These occur in people of all skin types, but tend to be more noticeable when the skin is pale
  • Fair skinned individuals have less protective melanin, which makes them more susceptible to UV radiation skin damage and means a higher risk of sun related skin cancers

Suspicious Blemishes

A suspicious blemish or unusual mole may be an indication of melanoma, so it is important to be vigilant for any odd signs and seek attention if you have any concerns.

Professional Mole Check

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Skin Surgery Laser Clinics

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For more information or to book a consultation, please complete the form on this web page or call 020 7386 0464.