How Chinese Medicine Uses Moles

chinese moleAccording to traditional Chinese Astrology, moles have a significance. In fact, their position is said to give an insight into a number of areas including personality, state of mind, future and health.

Chinese astrologers believe that moles result from emotional or physiological responses to life events which are transmitted through energy channels which flow through the body, or ‘Chi’.

Simon Wong, Master of Chinese Astrology, Feng Shui, Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Tantric Buddhism, explains:

‘Moles can signify potential problems or situations which, if we are aware of, we can avoid.’

For example, his guide to mole reading says that a mole in the centre of the forehead indicates that you don’t communicate well with figures in authority, such as parents or employers.

A mole on the eyelid is said to symbolise family disharmony and a tendency to lose money while moles on the cheek are about loneliness and being unable to settle down.

On the positive side, a chin mole is said to indicate personal qualities such as tenacity, determination and stubbornness; while moles on the lower arm are said to indicate compassion.

In Western medicine, moles are more often thought to be associated with sun exposure rather than personality or life events.

The position of moles on the face is often thought of as an inconvenience or a blemish which many patients would prefer to get rid of.

Mole Removal

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