About Us

Skin Surgery Laser Clinic specialise in the removal of unwanted skin lesions, so whatever type of lump or bump you need removing, you’re in safe hands.

  • Thousands of moles removed

    Our doctors and surgeons are highly experienced in skin surgery – this is what we do. Practice makes perfect, as they say and our team is highly skilled and proficient with many years’ experience

  • laser and surgery options

    We offer laser procedures for precise and accurate removal of skin leasions with minimal scarring – ideal for smaller moles, skin tags, warts or cysts; while surgery including stitches is available for the largest cysts and moles

  • testing as standard

    Our policy is to always send any skin lesion removed for independent testing

  • pain-free techniques

    We use local anaesthetic and special techniques to to make the procedure comfortable and ‘pain-free’

  • Friendly team

    Our team of experts aren’t just highly skilled, they’re also chosen for their ‘people skills’ and their natural friendliness puts our patients at ease

  • Honest advice

    We won’t sell you something you don’t need. Our Company prides itself on giving you the best advice on your skin lesions

  • 20 years experience

    Established 2003

  • same day appointments

    We plan our clinics so that the vast majority of moles, cysts, skin tags or warts can be removed in the same appointment as your consultation. There’s no pressure to proceed unless you’re absolutely sure, but this convenient arrangement is highly valued by our patients, as it saves a return visit for those who wish to go ahead

  • highest standards

    Our team are perfectionists, driven by giving our patients the best possible result that they will be delighted with.

  • choice of convenient locations

    Our highly equipped facilities are based in several London locations close to underground stations and busy areas, as well as the city of Bristol; providing an excellent choice for treatment venue.