Scabies – causes, diagnosis & treatment

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As a leading UK skin health expert and media commentator, Dr Ross Perry has been advising on the issue of scabies, which has been in the news recently. Dr Ross Perry Cosmedics

Dr Ross Perry is a highly experienced and knowledgeable London GP who also founded Cosmedics Skin Clinics and Skin Surgery Laser Clinics to provide private services for treating skin blemishes, conditions and concerns.

What is scabies?

Scabies is a contagious skin condition, which is actually caused by parasite mite sarcoptes.

Dr Ross Perry describes scabies as

“an incredibly uncomfortable itchy and bumpy rash”

It usually involves red, itchy bumps and spots and can occur anywhere on the body, which are a reaction to the saliva, eggs and faeces of the mites. The most commonly affected areas are the hands and between the fingers, and around the waist, groin and armpits.

Scabies spreads through contact and usually involves skin-to-skin contact with somebody who is infected, although it can also spread through contact with textiles items such as bedding, clothing and towels.

Dr Perry warns:

“Scabies rash can actually take up to eight weeks to appear on the body, during which time it can be spreading at an alarming rate, particularly on bedding, towels and clothes”

How to treat scabies

Dr Ross Perry advises urgent attention if scabies is suspected. A GP can prescribe a topical lotion or cream which is applied all over the body. Treatment can be repeated in a week if required.

All members of the household should be treated, even if symptoms are not yet evident, as the disease is highly contagious and can take a while for symptoms to be evident

Dr Perry adds:

“Equally, wash clothes, bedding and towels immediately on a hot wash, and vacuum carpets and furniture. Personal hygiene is also of paramount importance, washing thoroughly, particularly frequent washing of the hands, and avoiding sexual contact if you suspect you might have scabies until treatment is completed.”

Is scabies increasing?

Doctors in the UK have raised concerns about the increase in in cases of the scabies this winter.

The rise in the condition has led to a warning from The Association of Independent Multiple Pharmacies (AIMP) about medication shortage.

Nonetheless, if you suspect that you or a dependent have scabies, the best advice is to see a doctor as soon as possible for diagnosis and treatment.

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