Verruca plantar warts on feet

How To Stop Verruca Spreading

Summer is unfortunately at time when verruca (warts on the feet) can become quite problematic, causing great discomfort and inconvenience as they spread. 

Plantar warts is the medical name for verruca and it is caused by the HPV human papilomavirus.

HPV is a highly contagious virus which is spread easily. It tends to thrive in warm weather and damp conditions; which is why verruca are often associated with swimming pools, where they can be passed on through the puddles of water. The same applies to gym changing rooms and shared showers.

1/ Prevent catching a verruca

  • Anywhere you go barefoot exposes your feet to the risk of catching verruca
  • This includes at home as well as out of the house
  • Warm and damp areas are especially rife, so if you’re using swimming pools or sharing showers this summer, then take care
  • Avoid walking in puddles, seeking out dry areas instead
  • Wear flip flops or slides if possible to protect your feet

2/ Prevent your verruca from spreading

If you already have a verruca, then you don’t want to see other verrucae start to appear around the first one or even on the other foot.

  • Start treatment on verrucae as early as possible, as they’re much easier to treat before they become very established
  • Keep your feet clean
  • Dry the infected area last and put towels in the wash as soon as they’ve been used
  • Don’t go barefoot around the house – wear socks and slippers instead

3/ Avoid passing on your verruca

The advice outlined above is vital to avoid passing your verruca on.

This could mean passing it on to other family members e.g. through shared bathroom or walking around barefoot in the house. Let others know that you’re trying to avoid infecting them and explain what you’re doing.

It could also mean passing it on to other people wherever you may go barefoot e.g. at the gym, swimming pool or even shop changing rooms. If you have a verruca, then wearing flip flops or slides will help you avoid passing it on.

4/ Verruca treatments

Most people start by trying a simple over the counter verruca or wart remedy. These can be cost-effective and are worth a go.

Verruca is a virulent type of wart and can be very stubborn to treatment. The longer they’re left, the worse they tend to get; as the infected skin becomes thicker. This can also cause real discomfort and a verruca can be quite painful if you stand on it.

So if the chemist’s solution is not working, then it’s time to consider other options in terms of professional wart removal treatment by a qualified medical professional. Depending on the severity of the wart and the doctor’s experience/equipment, there are a few options that may be considered:

  1. Freezing/Cryotherapy
    • Doctors at professional skin clinics are able to offer a more aggressive freezing treatment than the DIY kits available in the chemist
    • This will penetrate the skin more deeply and is suitable for larger/tougher warts
    • 2-3 sessions may be required for full results
  2. Laser
    • For more resistant warts or verrucae, doctors can user laser treatment
    • This is designed to penetrate the skin and destroy the virus, allowing healthy skin to regrow
  3. Surgery
    • In cases of very stubborn warts that are well established and resistant to treatment, wart removal surgery may be the last resort
    • The doctor/surgeon completely removes the area affected by the wart virus, allowing new skin to grow in its place

Wart Removal London & Bristol

Wart treatment using  freezing, laser or surgical techniques is available at Skin Surgery Laser Clinic who have a selection of locations conveniently based in London and Bristol.

All procedures are carried out by highly trained and experienced doctors and surgeons.

Many patients now choose private treatment for warts, as provision on the NHS is very limited – even where a service is available, there can be lengthy waiting times.

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