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Private and Confidential Treatment for Anal Skin Tags

Many patients suffer from uncomfortable anal skin tags but don’t like to seek treatment due to embarrassment about the condition or fear about how unpleasant treatment might be.

The most common cause of anal skin tags is actually piles or haemorrhoids, which are a very common condition, often associated with pregnancy, weight gain or a sedentary lifestyle. Skin tags can appear when the skin gets stretched and isn’t able to go completely back to its previous state, leaving a flap of skin.

Patients are concerned that having anal skin tags makes them unclean and can be very self-conscious about them. Yet there is no need to fear seeking help.

Cosmedics’ skin surgery and laser clinic in London has a team of sympathetic doctors who offer private clinics in discrete locations across the city including Harley Street, Putney, Knightsbridge and City of London.

Private consultation

Consultations cost just £50 and include a full discussion with a qualified and experienced GP who specialises in skin lesion removal. The doctor will discuss medical history and examine the area. Then they’ll diagnose and explain the nature of the skin lesion, suggest the most appropriate treatment and provide a quote.

See & treat policy

There is no obligation to go ahead, but many patients take advantage of the ‘see and treat’ policy which enables them to have skin tags removed straight away and also benefit from the deduction of the £50 consultation fee.

Pain-free treatment

Getting rid of anal skin tags is a relatively simple surgical procedure which is pain-free as it is carried out under local anaesthetic. Patients receive full aftercare instructions and follow up appointments are included where necessary. Anal skin tags are not necessarily a sexual health issue at all, but where relevant, our doctors can also advise on STI/STD, as they are all fully trained in this area.

For patients who have struggled with embarrassing anal skin tags, having them removed brings immediate improvements in confidence and self-esteem; which only gets better as the wound heals, leaving smooth and tag-free skin.

Professional Wart and Skin Tag Removal

Skin tag removal and wart treatment can be carried out quickly and effectively using cryotherapy (freezing treatment) or laser. A local anaesthetic makes the treatment painless. For larger moles, laser or surgery is available.

Skin Surgery Laser Clinic have a selection of locations conveniently based in London and Bristol. All procedures are carried out by highly trained and experienced doctors and surgeons.

For more information or to book a consultation, please complete the form on this web page or call 020 7386 0464.