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Skin Tag Facts and Removal

Parenting Blog ‘Not So Smug Now’


The recent feature about skin tags on parenting blog ‘Not So Smug Now’ followed a new mum having skin tag removal at Cosmedics Skin Clinics.

She also shares a few top facts about skin tags:

  • Skin tags are easily removed
  • It’s an super common side-effect of pregnancy
  • Skin tags are almost always benign but you should keep an eye on all new skin growth (moles/skin tags)
  • Tying cotton around them to remove the blood supply is not recommended. You’re unlikely to get to the base of the mole and you can leave yourself with all sorts of nasty scarring.
  • Natural remedies? Well, give them a try but essentially, if you want rid of them, you need to chop them off.
  • Once they’ve been removed, they won’t grow back but new ones may still appear

Skin Tag Removal

The writer had a number of skin tags removed in the first appointment. She explains the process:

“Dr Ross Perry started off with a thorough consultation regarding my skin issues and habits.

“After assessing my skin tags, he injected the bigger ones with a local anaesthetic. I’ll be honest, I’ve got the pain threshold of a gerbil and I hate needles so I really had to hitch up my big girl pants but it was over quickly.

“The smaller skin tags he did without an anaesthetic on the basis that the injection would hurt more than the removal of a small tag itself.

“Once I was suitably numb, he set to work with nothing more than a pair of scissors and a laser. Most of them he simply cut off, other more stubborn moles he lasered (insert slight smell of burning flesh here) but within twenty minutes, he was done. He couldn’t take them all off – we would have been there all day – but he removed almost all the very visible ones and those that get caught on jewellery or clothes.”

As her experience shows, skin tag removal is a very quick treatment which can make a big difference in two ways:

  1. Cosmetically (to the appearance of the skin)
  2. Functionally (stopping raised blemishes getting caught in clothing)

Skin tag removal is available in private clinics like Cosmedics Skin Clinics.

Skin Tag Treatment

Skin tags can be removed very quickly and simply using freezing (liquid nitrogen). This must be done by a doctor, dermatologist or surgeon in a suitable clinic or hospital environment.

More stubborn skin tags can be treated using laser or minor surgery.

Professional skin tag removal via freezing, laser or surgical techniques is available at Skin Surgery Laser Clinic who have a selection of locations conveniently based in London and Bristol. All procedures are carried out by highly trained and experienced doctors and surgeons.

For more information or to book a consultation, please complete the form on this web page or call 020 7386 0464.