Sunburn – More Common than Not?

Sunburn is undeniably linked to an increased risk of skin cancer, yet it remains so commonplace in the UK that it seems it’s more common to get burned than not.

In fact, statistics from the British Association of Dermatologists in 2014 were particularly shocking, indicating that a massive 72% of Brits admitted to being sunburned during the year.

More recent surveys have been more encouraging, yet even the 2017 statistics showed that 35% had suffered from sunburn in the last year, and of those 28% were burned 3 or more times.

However, just because sunburn remains fairly commonplace does not make it acceptable.

Cause For Concern

  • Over 100,000 new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed annually in the UK
  • Sun exposure is considered to be the cause of the vast majority of cases
  • Skin cancer would have been preventable in 4 out of 5 cases
  • A tan is a sign of UV damage – sunburn demonstrates a further level of damage being done
  • UVB is the form of UV radiation most responsible for sunburn. It has strong links to 2 key types of skin cancer – malignant melanoma and basal cell carcinoma risk

For more information, see the British Association of Dermatologists sunburn fact sheet at

Mole Checks

Cosmedics Skin Clinics’ team of mole removal doctors advocate regular self-checks to spot any worrying signs early.  Dr Ross Perry simply calls it the ‘ugly duckling’ syndrome – a skin lesion or blemish that simply looks wrong or different from the others. The ABCDE rule is a handy reference guide for mole checking.

Skin Surgery Laser Clinics

Cosmedics’ Skin Surgery Laser Clinic offer private mole removal at a selection of clinics based in London and Bristol. Moles are removed using the latest surgical techniques including laser mole removal; with trained doctors and surgeons.

Our team of qualified and experienced doctors and surgeons also treat other skin blemishes, including sebaceous cystsskin tagswarts and lipoma using  freezing, laser or surgical techniques.

For ultimate peace of mind, Cosmedics Skin Surgery Laser Clinic offer a thorough top to toe mole check carried out by their trained and experienced doctors.

Cosmedics Skin Clinics was founded in 2003 by Dr Ross Perry, a qualified and experienced London GP who has an excellent reputation in skin treatments and has removed thousands of lesions/blemishes in his career.

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