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Verruca Treatment NHS Cutbacks

The NHS has stopped the use of liquid nitrogen for treating warts and verrucas in GP practices in Scotland, according to an article in The Scotsman.

The announcement has been criticised as part of a cost-cutting exercise and means that patients will now struggle even more to find treatment locally.

Retired West Lothian GP Dr Donald Macaulay told The Scotsman:

“People’s lives are not at risk but things like warts or verrucas are unpleasant and if you can help remove them as a GP and save the patient a long journey, that’s a service.

“The dermatologists still have access to liquid nitrogen so it’s not as if they’ve said there is no use for cryotherapy and nobody needs that treatment any more.

“What this decision means is that it will take forever for a patient to receive cryotherapy treatment whereas before GPs could do it straight away. The burden is now placed on dermatology departments that already had long waiting times.”

This situation echoes that in the UK, where anecdotal evidence is that patients are finding that simple and everyday treatments are less available than it might have been previously.

Over the counter and even prescription-only topical preparations are not strong enough to deal with stubborn verrucas.

If freezing (cryotherapy) treatment is not available at the GP, then a referral to the dermatologist might be an option, but even if the GP refers, it could be a long wait.  Private treatment is seen as a preferable option for those who just want to get rid of the problem.

Cosmedics’ Skin Surgery & Laser Clinics based in London and Bristol has seen a significant increase in interest in wart and removal treatments over the last year.

Wart & Verruca Removal London & Bristol

Treatment using  freezing, laser or surgical techniques is available at Skin Surgery Laser Clinic who have a selection of locations conveniently based in London and Bristol.

All procedures are carried out by highly trained and experienced doctors and surgeons.

Many patients now choose private treatment for warts, as provision on the NHS is very limited – even where a service is available, there can be lengthy waiting times.

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