Dental Floss – DIY Remedy for Skin Tags?

skin tagSkin tags are irritating growths of skin, which protrude from the main area. They look ‘odd’ and can get caught on clothing if they’re in an awkward position and many patients are quite keen to get rid of the blemishes.

Although skin tags can be annoying and flappy for the patient, getting in the way, they are not medically harmful and therefore there is rarely any treatment available from the local doctor.

DIY Skin Tag Treatment

Thread or Dental Floss

Searching the internet for DIY solutions brings an ‘old wives tale’ type suggestion, involving using thread or dental floss. The principle behind this is to tie thread or floss tightly around the base of the skin tag in order to cut off blood supply so that hopefully, the skin tag falls off naturally.

However, the treatment does carry some risks. Firstly, the skin tag may become infected. Secondly, it is fiddly and awkward and carries quite a risk of not working! Thirdly, this most definitely wouldn’t suit facial skin tags or those around the eye area and finally, it could be very tedious using this method to treat a crop of several or more skin tags.

Doctor Skin Tag Treatment

Skin tag treatment by private doctors is available in establishments such as Cosmedics Skin Clinics in London and Bristol.

Their expert doctors treat skin tags quickly and effectively using laser or freezing in order to remove the tag.

Professional skin tag removal via freezing, laser or surgical techniques is available at Skin Surgery Laser Clinic who have a selection of locations conveniently based in London and Bristol. All procedures are carried out by highly trained and experienced doctors and surgeons.

For more information or to book a consultation, please complete the form on this web page or call 020 7386 0464.