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FashionBeans: Tanning Oil Warning for Men

Advice from Dr Ross Perry

Dr Ross Perry was invited to provide his expert advice for FashionBeans article on male skincare.

The article was entitled:

“Doctors Reveal The Skincare Products Men Think Work But Don’t”

and explains:

“Yes, the search for good skincare is a minefield of dermatological jargon and eye-catching casing, so it’s hard to know which products are actually going to do the trick and which ones are no better than aromatic milk with a hefty price tag.”

Expert Advice from Dr Ross Perry

Founder of Cosmedics’ Skin Surgery & Laser Clinic, Dr Ross Perry is often asked to provide expert opinion on health matters and especially any related to skin cancer and skin health. As his surgical career includes NHS skin cancer reconstruction as well as private medical and cosmetic skin treatments for Cosmedics Skin Clinics.

Tanning Oil

Tanning oils are tempting for those in pursuit of a tan, but the sun protection is often completely inadequate, exposing the skin to sun damage which could ultimately lead to skin cancer.

Pursuit of a tan in itself is dangerous, as the article suggests:

“Remember, a tan is a sign that the skin is damaged and is trying to protect itself”

When it comes to tanning oil, Dr. Ross Perry, Medical Director of Cosmedics Skin Clinics says you should not be using tanning oil and

especially when they have little or no SPF in them

It’s far safer to protect the skin with a suitable SPF sunscreen which will allow you to stay in the sun for longer and more safely.

High Factor SPF Once a Day

At the other end of the scale, FashionBeans also warns against applying a high SPF once a day:

“…for those who think that applying 80 SPF once will solve all your problems, I’m afraid you’re sorely mistaken.”

Dr Ross Perry explains:

“SPF is a guide and using a higher factor doesn’t mean it’ll last longer.”

Sunscreen needs to be reapplied regularly to replenish areas that have worn, sweated or washed off.

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