New Magazine: Body Health MOT

Melanoma Advice from Dr Ross Perry

New Magazine featured an article about how to look after your body entitled ‘Give your body a health MOT!’.

new mag skin MOTDr Ross Perry was invited to give his expert opinion on checking the skin regularly for any suspicious concerns.

Suggesting this is done every 3 months, Ross told New Magazine readers:

“Look out for a mole or growth which is new, or an existing one that has changed in size, shape, feel or colour.

“Stand naked in front of a full-length mirror, bend your elbows and examine your forearms and the backs and palms of your hands. Grab a hand mirror to check the back of your legs, bottom of your feet and back of the neck. It’s also worth checking under your hairline or easier still, ask someone else to.”

Melanoma is caused by exposure to the sun in a majority of cases, so it’s important to be vigilant.

The article also looked at regular health MOT checks that readers could carry out for eyes, breasts, mouth, brain, bowels, legs and vagina.

As the article says:

“We get our cars checked every year, so why not our bodies too?”

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