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Verruca Prevention & Treatment Advice for Summer

Verrucas are a particular type of wart that appear on the feet. They’re highly contagious and spread easily through contact with floor surfaces. They pass easily at the swimming pool, in communal showers and in gyms or sports halls where bare feet are worn (e.g. for yoga, pilates, judo) and the risk of catching or passing on verruca is higher in the summer when we are more likely to spend time with bare feet in the warmer environment. 

They can also spread at home in the shower or on hard floors.

Verrucas can be stubborn, so it is best to avoid them if possible. If you already have a verruca, it’s responsible to follow sensible advice to prevent it from being passed on.

1. Prevent Verrucas

Be aware of the areas of risk. The following advice will help:

  • Never touch someone else’s warts or verrucas with bare hands
  • Do not share shoes, socks or towels with someone who has verruca
  • Plan to avoid going barefoot in public places – for example:
    • take flip flops to the swimming pool or gym shower
    • wear yoga socks
  • Keep your feet dry
  • Cover any abrasions with a plaster as these are more easily infected

2. Don’t Pass On Verrucas

If you already have a verruca, avoid passing it on by:

  • Never sharing personal items (towel, shoes, socks)
  • Not going barefoot either in communal areas or at home
  • Wear flip flops in the shower to avoid passing on
  • Cover your verruca with a plaster at all times (Swim England advises against using swimming socks and says using a waterproof plaster to cover up a verruca is fine)

3. Treating Verrucas

Sometimes verrucas will clear up quickly of their own accord, but others are more aggressive. Once a verruca has become established it can become quite large and hard, making it uncomfortable and even painful. At this point, it is best to get rid of it.

DIY verruca treatment options include special preparations available from the chemist (salicylic acid). These need to be applied regularly and the verruca filed until it has gone.

Cryotherapy (freezing) is a more aggressive treatment with better success rates. Although certain freeze preparations are available over the counter, these are not as intensive as those available with a trained medical professional.

Professional Verruca Removal

  • Verruca removal with cryotherapy is available at Cosmedics’ Skin Surgery Laser Clinics. Sometimes more than one session may be required.
  • Cosmedics’ doctors also offer laser treatment for thicker, stubborn verrucas. This is quick and effective even on the more resistant verrucas.
  • For the worst problems, surgery is an option. This is carried out under local anaesthetic. The doctor or surgeon will remove the affected area of skin.

The best approach depends on the nature, age and position of the verruca.

Skin Surgery Laser Clinics

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